1. Get enough sleep and get good sleep.
A night without sleep impairs your immune system immediately. During the deep sleep our immune system is most effective. According to PhD Claire Anne Eriksen (www.sovdigfrisk.nu) the risk to actually getting sick if exposed to a cold virus is 300% higher if you haven’t slept enough (< 5h) compared to if you have slept enough (>7h).

2. Get exercise. Physical exercise stimulates the immune system. Exercising regularly increases the blood’s natural murder cells that keep tracks of viruses entering the body. If your gym has closed, there are many great training programs that can be done in your home, or even better, talk a walk or run in the woods.

3. Reduce stress.
Long-term stress without proper recovery breaks down and weakens the immune system and makes you more prone to get infected.

4. Eat healthy.
To have a varied and nutritious diet strengthens the immune system.

5. Don’t smoke. 
Smoking has a strong negative effect on the immune system. Active smokers have more regulatory T-cells, which inhibits the immune system and increases the risk for infections. And of course, smoking hurts your lungs and your lung capacity decreases.

6. Drink alcohol in moderation.
A large intake of alcohol decreases the immune system and increases the risks of lengthy cold and pneumonia.

And don’t forget all the positive effects that spending time with your friends and family have. But, of course, you should only socialize other people if you are not feeling sick yourself.

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We wish you a healthy Spring!

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