Persons in key positions

Section 19, MAR lays down rules regarding transactions carried out by persons in key positions and their associates.

In this context, ”key position” is understood to mean a person in Aino Health´s administration, leadership or supervisory groups, or executives who are not included in any of these groups but have regular access to insider information and authority to take decisions on managerial level, which affect the future development and prospects of the Company.

Under Section 19, MAR Aino Health AB is obligated to:

  • Keep a record of all persons in key positions and their associates.
  • In writing remind persons in key positions of their obligations under Section 19, MAR.

Under Section 19, MAR persons in key positions are obligated to:

  • Without undue delay inform the Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) and the Company about changes in shares and debt instruments issued by Aino Health AB and other related financial instruments, never later than 3 business days after a day of transaction.
  • In writing remind associates of their obligations under Section 19 MAR.

This reporting obligation also comprises changes made in insurance policies where the investment liability rests with the policy holder (e.g. capital insurance).

The transaction reporting is restricted by a threshold value of EUR 5 000 per calendar year. The transaction that reaches or exceeds this threshold and all subsequent transactions during the calendar year shall be reported. For disposals and acquisitions net values are not specified.

For a period of 30 days before disclosure of annual reports and financial statements, persons in key positions are also barred from trading in securities issued by the Company.

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Persons in Key positions (updated 30th of September 2017)

Name Position Shares
Liselotte Engstam Chairman of the board 0
Per-Olof Schroeder Board member 0
Jyrki Eklund Board member/CEO 1 309 660
Liselotte Bergmark Board member
Jochen Saxelin CFO 319 550
Markku Pitkänen Country Manager Finland 60 000
Jukka Räikkönen COO 2 000
Johannes Verwijnen CTO 20 000
Peter Seeger VD Germany