Management team

Jyrki Eklund CEO

Jyrki Eklund has contributed to the implementation of health management practices as part of organizational management practices. He has been involved in various projects with, for example, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, building new health management concepts for different occupational groups. Before joining Aino Health Management Oy, Jyrki worked at Nedecon Oyj in the field of technology consultation. He was in charge of internationalization projects on both board and management level and he also served as the country manager in Singapore with Southeast Asia as his area of responsibility.

Jukka Räikkönen, COO

Jukka Räikkönen re-joined Aino Health Management in September 2016. Earlier he held the position of Head of Service Operations in Aino between 2012-2014. Outside Aino, Jukka has spent over 17 years with Nokia Networks. There he worked in various key management positions in service business, e.g. in customer support and project management as well as in quality and process development. He had both global and regional responsibilities and was based in Asia Pacific and Latin America for over 5 years. In addition, Jukka has held the CIO position in a listed company in Finland and has experience in business consulting.

Jochen Saxelin, CFO

Jochen Saxelin joined Aino Health Management in 2002 and has since worked as the CFO of the company. He has previously served as an auditor at KPMG and and as a CFO of the publicly listed company Endero Oyj. Before joining Aino, Jochen worked as a financial controller at Nedecon Oyj.


Other key personnel

Markku Pitkänen, Director, Aino Health Finland

Markku Pitkänen has extensive experience in technology consultation, product management, sales and customer projects. Markku is in charge of Aino’s service production, delivery of customer projects, production use and customer support. Previously he was in charge of Aino’s sales and marketing for over three years. Before joining our company, he worked in various specialist and management positions within the Basware Group for over 10 years, most recently as the Vice President of Sales at Basware Oyj.

Peter Seeger, Managing Director Aino Health Germany

Peter Seeger has worked for more than 28 years with several global IT-service players. He has an extensive experience from leading international consulting and sales positions in several industries (e.g. Health Care, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Chemical). During the last 15 years he worked as Sales Executive/Director for CSC, Accenture, Capgemini, Hewlett Packard, Cognizant and OpusCapita.