Maximise the value of your health management investment

Real partnership at every step of your journey

We know that health management can help organizations to improve the way they manage their business and their most valuable asset – their employees. That is why Aino Health consulting services and our unique project management methodology are designed to help you to maximize the value and performance of your health and safety related initiatives.


Ensuring your health management initiative gets on the right track:

  • Define the current situation and set clear targets
  • Leverage a scalable and secure platform and services
  • Utilize professional expertise and experience


Ensuring that health management roadmap is based on corporate strategy:

  • Set the right milestones
  • Ensure that right stakeholders are involved
  • Ensure that right tools and technologies are available


Ensuring that health management initiatives will be implemented:

  • Accelerate time to value
  • Deploy faster with reduced costs
  • Take advantage of full-featured solutions and services rapidly


Ensuring your health management initiative brings real impact:

  • Help you to realize the value to employees, management and other stakeholders
  • Increase productivity through right tools and services
  • Bring employee potential factor to a new level