Aino Health’s expertise and experience at your service

Aino Health’s experienced health management professionals guide you to maximize the return and accelerate the payback period of your health management investment. They help you to understand what is possible and how to get there by using Aino Health expertise and proven health management methodology:

  • Map out the current situation with Aino HealthAudit
  • Set the objectives based on organization’s business goals
  • Make a plan of health management implementation model
  • Utilize Aino HealthManager and SafetyManager and services in the implementation
  • Lead the change management programs and stakeholder trainings
  • Identify the value drivers and use the right metrics to manage by knowledge
  • Provide mentoring and knowledge transfer throughout the process

Aino health expertise

Aino Health’s professionals have extensive experience in rolling out health management initiatives in both small and large organizations, whether private or public. Our demonstrated ability to align business and health management targets with employees’ individual goals and job satisfaction make Aino Health’s approach unique and the one that delivers high impact solutions.

To find out more, contact us for further information. We are looking forward to helping your business to succeed.

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