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Did you know that companies focusing on new business creation grow 18 % faster than their peers that focus on core functions!

Smart growth is a perfect combination of strengths and knowledge of several businesses. New business is created by utilizing our common knowledge of customers’ needs, wants and requirements; delivering value and easy, simple and reliable services.

In modern world, networking and partnering is the key to successful business.

Our partners vary from insurance providers, IT software and service companies, health care providers, and consulting providers to HR or payroll service centers.

We are looking for new partners to join our growing network!

We invite you to be a part of our global ecosystem, aiming to create a world where organizations and people are healthier!

For our strategic partners we offer insight to the market and access to our growing network. Main benefit for our partners is Aino’s digitalized platform HealthManager that enables effective sick leave absence management and analytics. HealthManager can be incorporated into our partners’ services.

For our partners:

Accelerate your business


Grow your market share


Ensure customer loyalty


Digitalize service processes


Offer unique solutions and better service to your customers

Increase productivity


Create new business


Be a forerunner in competition


Take your customers preventive health management and absence management one step further with our digitalized platform HealthManager


Aino and Finla Occupational Health are working closely to support Finla’s customers’ corporate health management with digital tools.


Sarastia is our long-term partner in public sector. Sarastiaoffers Aino HealthManager to municipalities and cities in Finland as part of their service offering.


The cooperation with Emirates AI (Emirates Artificial Intelligence Technologies LLC) focuses on distributing Aino’s solutions and services in the United Arab Emirates.

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