Aino HealthManager facilitates the corporate health and work ability management at DNA

DNA uses Aino HealthManager software. At DNA the software is used, among other things, to monitor employee absences and overtime. Heidi Antman, who works as a HR Specialist and is responsible for employee well-being and work ability at DNA, is pleased with the software. – The software brings a great deal of help to everyday operations around corporate health management at DNA, says Antman.

DNA – The starting point

– DNA wants to be a pioneer in corporate health management, which is why we use Aino HealthManager as a tool for early intervention, Antman says. – Well-being at work is very important to us because healthy employees are happy and productive. Early intervention is a support model in which we promise our employees to follow and support their well-being, Antman describes.

DNA – Solution

Aino HealthManager is used to track sick leave absences and overtime for DNA employees. The software will automatically send a message to the employee and his supervisor when a certain limit of sick leave absences is reached. Consequently, there will be a conversation between the manager and the employee.

– The software facilitates the work of HR and supervisors and has provided a great deal of help to everyday operations around corporate health management. It promises employees a standardized discussion, and the software can be customized to meet our requirements, says Antman. DNA has strict data protection standards that Aino HealthManager can meet. Confidential information is, in Antman’s opinion, easy to maintain in a secure system.

DNA – Results

– Aino HealthManager makes it easy to carry out everyday operations regarding corporate health management. In particular, the work of HR and supervisors has become easier, says Antman. – The software gives a good overview of an employee’s entire absence history, so managers can ask at the right moment whether the employee is all right, Antman summarizes. And it starts with caring.

There are many paths to support the employee well-being, and paths are always considered individually. – My question is, how did we ever survive without Aino Health, says Antman.