Destia secured the direction of corporate health management with Business Health Index





Destia – Starting point

Destia wanted to strengthen its understanding of the current state of the organization’s corporate health management with Aino’s Business Health Index.

– There was no actual problem, but an external survey of the state of our work ability management was a good thing, even though our perception of the situation was quite strong. The results of the Business Health Index confirmed our perception of the pain points we identified, says Satu Angervo, occupational well-being specialist at Destia.

Destia – Solution

The most important thing for Destia was to secure the right direction of corporate health management with the Business Health Index. The savings potential became clear and development projects around work ability management gained strength.

– The best thing was to see clearly that we can get significant savings over the next few years by investing in systematic corporate health management. We are convinced that our processes are going in good direction, says Angervo.

Destia – Results

As a result of the Business Health Index, Destia has gained additional confidence in corporate health management and clear development path for the future. Pain points have been identified and can be effectively addressed. Through Business Health Index, Destia got a concrete roadmap and benchmark data for other companies in the same industry. The target state for sick leave absences was clarified and the organization gained more insight into how work ability management supports the whole company’s strategy.

– We got extra confidence that our own development plans are in the right direction. Now we need supervisors to take responsibility for work ability matters and communication in the business language, in euros, says Angervo.