Konecranes integrated HealthManager and HealthDesk into its day-to-day operations

Konecranes – Starting point

Konecranes wanted to ensure that its employees’ health and work ability remained at a good level. The company wanted to further develop its existing health management models and health-related cost control. It also wanted to integrate health management into its day-to-day operations throughout the organisation.


Konecranes – Solution

Aino Health Management comprehensively reviewed health management at Konecranes, from occupational healthcare services to improving and maintaining individual employees’ working ability. Background analyses were carried out with regard to the organisation of health management and measures related to maintaining employees’ work ability.

Based on the results, Konecranes decided to implement a new, electronic health management system that enabled supervisors to provide early support. Occupational healthcare plans and operations at Konecranes were reorganised to better serve the company’s needs. Konecranes adopted Aino Health Management’s Medical Director operating model, which helps Konecranes with day-to-day operations in terms of occupational healthcare and ensures that the occupational healthcare services meet its needs.

Konecranes provided its employees with health analyses and advice while also offering the necessary support and rehabilitation services for risk groups in each location.

Konecranes – Results

Konecranes achieved clear, measurable results over a period of three years. A new health controller function was created for the organisation to monitor the implementation of early intervention and to support supervisors and occupational healthcare. The supervisors at Konecranes made a strong commitment to using operating models based on early support that make use of electronic systems. In addition, employees’ work ability and capacity improved significantly.