Posti is supporting employee work ability on many levels

Posti – Starting point

– We at Posti aim to support employee work ability on many levels and we see preventive actions really important, says Anne Tallgrén, Occupational health manager at Posti Ltd.

Posti employs a lot of people who have made an extensive career at Posti. This is one reason, why there are employees with lower work ability. The goal is to improve the situation of employees with lower work ability and find solutions to the challenges. Aino has supported Posti in this mission since 2015.


Posti – Solution

At the moment our collaboration with Aino focuses on improving the situation of employees with lower work ability. We are aiming to find solutions that as many as possible could stay in working life until retirement age. We are looking different occupational rehabilitation options, both in-house and outside. Aino Health has provided excellent expertise in this, says Tallgrén.

Posti and Aino Health are working closely together on many levels. Aino Health offers i.e. consulting and concrete actions to support Posti. Work ability coordinator is managing the processes and regular status meetings are held to monitor the process. Cooperation works on many levels and challenges are being solved.


Posti – Results

– Aino’s occupational health specialists are nearly pioneers in their work. Some of the results can be seen already now i.e. in decreased sick leave absences. Some results will we visible in years, related to costs of early retirement.

– Aino Health’s way of working is very proactive, and they are leading actively the corporate health management processes. We have a great team and we were able to have an impact on the team assembly, says Tallgrén.

– I can recommend cooperation with Aino for those companies who are struggling with frequent sick leave absences or are thinking about what to do when employees are with the high risk for early retirement. Aino is supporting in these challenges from the first steps on, says Tallgrén.

Posti is a Finnish company that is nearly 400 years old. In Finland Posti employs over 15 000 employees. Employees in Posti Group Corporation are engaged and many of them have made an extensive career at Posti. The company aims to support employee wellbeing and work ability with i.e. comprehensive occupational health care and preventive actions. Employee work ability is managed together with Aino Health.