Health management  - a strategic issue for any organization

Drive business value through health management outsourcing

Our deep knowledge of corporate health management solutions, services, concepts and technologies will bring the health management services and processes to a new level.

We help organizations to focus on their core business and simultaneously to ensure the best possible health care and services for their employees.

Our task is to unlock the value that sustainable health management can deliver to your business.

Aino Health provides business process outsourcing (BPO) that translates health management into real numbers that impact company’s performance. Aino Health’s BPO concept helps companies to be more effective, generate new sources of revenue and enhance intangible assets such as brand and reputation.

Features & benefits:

1. Deep expertise

Extensive expertise and experience of health management in various industries

2. Management

Tools, technology and personnel to make sure that targets are met

3. Partnership

We take responsibility of health management operations and cooperate with management, HR and employees

4. Competitive advantage

The organization can focus on their core business, while ensuring the best possible services for their employees – value co-creation for extracting health management potential

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