Access quality health care anytime, anywhere

Improve occupational health care while managing costs

Aino HealthDesk is a multichannel service which an employee can contact immediately after feeling sick or unable to work, to receive the required professional help quickly and conveniently.

Aino HealthDesk can be accessed and is ready to help whether it is an early morning, evening or weekend.

We care and it is in our nature that an individual is always in the centre of the attention. Aino Health’s professionals will solve any challenge and find out the right type of treatment when needed.

Features & Benefits

1. Fast professional help

Employees receive fast help and consultation from qualified health care professionals

2. Guidance

Based on need, employee is guided to the right type of treatment when needed

3. Access

HealthDesk is always open and quality medical care is accessible anytime

4. Follow up

Employees are never left alone. Care cases are followed up until solved.

5. Reduced costs

An affordable and effective alternative to health care visits

6. Back-end processes

HealthDesk is connected to managers, payroll systems and early intervention processes when needed

“The HealthDesk calls are answered well, and issues are handled professionally.” – Aino customer.

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