Handle occupational health care visits remotely

Improved occupational health care and better access to services

To provide great quality occupational health care is a must for companies that want to attract and keep the best talent. From time to time people need help from medical professionals who are easily available when using the extensive range of Aino Telehealth services.

Our task is to ensure the correct individual-level treatment path and to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and actions. Telehealth solves the three biggest healthcare challenges: limited access, increased costs and inconsistent quality of care.

Technology-enabled healthcare gives employees an access to an affordable, convenient and quality healthcare anywhere they are.

Depending on country and legislation, Aino TeleHealth may include medical specialist services, prescription renewals, rehabilitation consultation and coordination, mental health services and other needed services. Aino Health uses the best local professionals and partners to tailor Aino TeleHealth for local markets.

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