Reinventing corporate health and safety management

Corporate Health Management solutions that generate value

Our health management solutions are designed to understand the root cause for absence so the related issues can be identified and addressed early resulting in a maximum impact on day-to-day operations and personal health. Since the company was founded we helped over 150 organizations. This has been done through continuous transfer of knowledge to manage better workability to generate sustainable results:

  • Reduction of sickness absences and health related costs
  • Analysis and permanent improvement of personnel work ability and safety
  • Elimination of premature retirement risks through proactive measures
  • Optimization of occupational health & safety processes
  • Sustainable solutions help organizations achieve better business outcomes

Aino Health’s solutions are suitable for all industries and can be scaled to each customer in accordance with the analysis and needs assessment.

Implementation is very fast and you will most likely notice change within months. Many of our customers reduce sick leave up to 50% and save millions of Euros each year. We can assist you in calculating your cost savings potentials in a Business Health Audit and build you a business case for implementation.


Data-driven health management solution leading to measurable results


Manage risks and enhance safety better than ever


For companies

  • Better tools for knowledge-based management
  • Concrete savings and improved effectiveness
  • Promoting corporate responsibility to employees
  • Profitability of operations increases

For HR management

  • Automated processes make daily activities easier
  • Deployment is fast and the usage saves time and resources
  • Raises management involvement automatically
  • Increased work satisfaction and occupational well-being

For personnel

  • Services are easy to use
  • Fast attention and easy access to services
  • Improved occupational health and safety
  • Reduced injury risks