Take absence management and process automation to new levels

Aino HealthManager contributes directly to business value

HealthManager is a software as a service (SaaS) where

  • management can analyze absence data and take action where most needed
  • managers are guided through an automated optimal absence- registration and support process
  • managers are produced with documents to use in absence conversations and reminders to follow up
  • your company treat all personnel the same way
  • you adhere to the latest EU safety and GDPR regulations


Your company can define triggers and approval levels based on our recommendations and company internal processes. The HealthManager API technology enables you to easily communicate and integrate with other software.

Aino HealthManager has revolutionized the way Corporate Health Management is delivered and used, changing the industry forever. There are no expensive setup or maintenance costs and you can access the service with any device with an internet connection. This revolutionary approach has helped to make Aino HealthManager the world’s most advanced Corporate Health Management system and saved our customers millions of euros.

But why take our word for it, listen to our customers!

Features and benefits:

For top management

Sustainability, financial performance and visibility to management processes.

For managers and supervisors

Integrates critical data and processes, saves time and makes processes easy and effective. Calls to action only when needed.

Human Resources

Unleashes health management data from silos, enables transparent management and allows quick and clear action plans. Integrates cost management and effective reporting tools.

For employees

Timely assistance in case of challenges in the work ability. Takes care of health management issues on a new level.

Occupational health care

Needs-based follow-up processes, possibility for close involvement and awareness.


Possibility to integrate financial and treatment pathways information.

Reporting and analytics

Comprehensive and effective reporting to monitor costs, processes and action points. Reporting and analytics covers all layers of organization.

Organizational scalability

Built-in geographical, cultural, legislative and organizational scalability.

”It’s great that there is such a system that automatically tracks employee absenteeism and makes early intervention process easy and effortless. Automated notifications keep me up to date and employees receive equal treatment.” – Aino customer.

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