Ergonomic tips for office work and manual lifting:

Many inconveniences can be completely avoided or alleviated by improving workplace ergonomics and your own work habits. And even if the furniture adjustments are okay, it’s still not worth staying in place. Variation of the working position and active pause are necessary.

Ergonomic tips for working from home!

You can get tips on ergonomics with lifting from the animations below:

”Lighten load”

”Mind your back”

Good sitting position:

The office chair should be adjusted first. When sitting, your feet should reach firmly to the ground. The angle between the body and the thigh should be a little over 90 degrees. There should be about a couple of centimeters between the front edge of the chair seat and the knee brace.

The desk is convenient to adjust when a good sitting position is found. Measure the height of the elbow. Keep your hands sitting on the sides of your body. Now measure the height from the elbow to the floor. The table should be 0 to 2 centimeters higher than the measured elbow height. Now that you place your arms on your desk, your shoulders should feel relaxed.

The display is adjusted if possible. The viewing angle is optimal when the nose is at the height of the top of the screen. A good viewing distance from a separate screen is easy to measure by extending your arm towards the screen. When the screen is approximately arm’s length away, the viewing distance is appropriate.

Move the keyboard to the center of the table. The location of the keyboard is about an forearm measure from the edge of the table. The hands should reach the keyboard when the forearms are placed on the table toward the keyboard.

The mouse should be used freely throughout the forearm. Try to avoid using the mouse on the wrist alone. For example, a thick wrist rest usually binds the wrist in place, making the movement one-sided and stressful.

In the standing position, you should make sure that the weight is firmly distributed on both feet. It is a good idea to switch between sitting and standing during the working day, if possible.

! The ergonomic working position is individual. Change your position often and think about whether it is relaxed and supportive.

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