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BLOGPOST: “How do I improve my chances of success in lifestyle changes

Changing lifestyles requires value reflection, self-motivation, knowing oneself and one’s habits, and changing lifestyles in ways that can be maintained. The better you understand what changing habits requires, the easier it will be to understand how to change your own habits.

Consider the benefits and value base of the changes:

You know the benefits of change and the goals of change are based on the values that are important to you. There is something important and significant about change. Make sure you can recall, even in difficult times, why you have embarked on change and what values it serves!

Self-motivation behind the changes: “I want to change” and not “I should change”.

I can!

Believe you will be able to make the change! That anticipates permanent and successful change.

Good to think:

What do you want to change yourself? what steps do you want to take to make the change? and what in everyday life helps to carry out the change?

Make changes that you can incorporate into your daily life and start at a time when the basics of your life are more or less in order.

Think first about what is the smallest possible concrete action that leads to a goal that matches your values and that you can implement with certainty. Make a plan for that “action”: what do I do, where do I do it, when do I do it?

Strive for flexibility and consider alternative approaches:

If you can’t do what you planned for today, what could you do instead towards your goal? For example, if you can’t attend a guided gym, could you go on a shopping trip on foot or by bike.

Prepare for setbacks:

Make a plan for setbacks. Think about the moments when slipping happens and try to avoid pitfalls in advance. For example, if it is difficult to leave home after work, then pack your exercise clothes in the morning and do the exercise straight after work.

Track progress:

For example with the help of activity watchband / wellbeing application. Monitoring progress rewards and helps you stay on track.

“The 4 cornerstones of lifestyle changes”

  1. Habits – Learn better habits, don’t persevere with self-discipline, spine or motivation.
  2. Beliefs – What kind of story do you tell yourself about yourself and the world around you? ” I didn’t succeed today, but when I practice, I will definitely succeed!” So talk to yourself as if you were talking to your dearest friend!
  3.  Habitat – If you look around at work and at home, does it look supportive to your health? Is making a good choice easy and making a bad choice difficult?
  4. Social Relationships – It’s easy to dismiss friends at the beginning of a lifestyle change because a new healthier life is very empowering. In the beginning, it’s even good to limit things a bit, because family and friends are the most important thing in life and the reason why you want to be able to cope and be well. Patience is a virtue!