Move your way- overcome common barriers!

Physical activity can make your daily life better. Read the fact sheet for adults.

Be ready to address barriers.

Changing behavior is hard. And fitting in regular physical activity can be a struggle for all of us. Find out what’s holding you back and think about possible solutions. These strategies can help you find ways to overcome common barriers:

”I´m just too busy for physical activity.”

If you’re short on time, could you start with just a few minutes? Even that amount has health benefits, and some activity is always better than none. Take the stairs at work, park farther away when shopping, or take a quick walk after dinner.

”I’m too tired to exercise.”

! getting more physical activity can actually boost energy and help you feel less tired.

”I can’t afford a gym membership.”

Getting active doesn’t mean you have to pay for a gym membership or special equipment. Try walking for aerobic activity and bodyweight exercises for muscle strength.

”I just don’t enjoy exercise.”

Lots of things count as physical activity — even things we all have to do anyway. Vacuum the apartment? Walk the dog? Weed the garden? Those activities count, and it all adds up.

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Too busy for physical activity? Get tips for fitting more activity into your day

Sources: Move Your Way Campaign