You can also do a muscle training exercise outdoors, for example in connection with a walking or cycling trip.

The exercise can be done without additional equipment, using your own body weight and in about 15 minutes you will get a good exercise done. Get to know your local terrain and use your next outdoor walk or biking to map out a place where you can carry out the example exercises below.

Make it a habit to do muscle fitness exercises twice a week, give it a try!

Tip for the training session:

  • warm-up; walk or bike for 10-20 minutes: “light sweating”
  • before muscle exercises: rotate your arms, do a few side / front bends and short 5-10s stretches for chest muscles, hip flexors and front of the thigs:

·  you can perform exercises as a circuit: do each movement for about 10 -15 repetitions (the last repetitions may feel heavy). you can move directly from one exercise to another without a break or take a 30-60s break between exercises.

·  do 2 rounds, with a 1-2 min break between rounds. (in the future you can add a third round, eg 1 month after training / according to your feeling).

·  finish with 5-10 mins walking or biking back home

Arm- and chest muscles: against a bench, wood or stone. Choose a body angle so that you can do 10-15 reps. Keep the middle body tight and the neck long.

Leg muscles: Step up on a bench or on a suitable flat rock, changing your stepping foot. Lift the other leg up as shown. Keep looking forward. Start from a low platform, in the future you can increase the height.

Abdominal muscles; sitting on a bench or rock: Take a light armrest, lift both legs in the air, and “cycle” with your feet.

Buttock muscles: Step sideways on a bench, flat rock or stump. Do the same with the other leg. Keep looking forward. Start from a low platform, in the future you can increase the height.

Back muscles: Lean on a bench or stone and lift the opposite limbs up. Keep position a moment and do the same with the other pair of limbs

Aino Active oy, KKI