Wellbeing coachings

Book time for first discussion (30 min) HERE

Choose -> Hyvinvointivalmennukset Konecranes -> Wellbeing coaching_first discussion -> time -> fill information

Wellbeing coaching; open for all

Mobile coaching:

  • pre questionnaire
  • first discussion: (meeting or phone discussion)
  • coaching, follow up and contacts via HeiaHeia wellbeing app (3kk)
  • Make an appointment for the first discussion according to the instructions at the top of the page

Coachings, based on need;

  • Themes and goals are considered
    individually: for example; sleep and recovery, changing exercise and eating habits.
  • pre questionnaire
  • first meeting/ discussion (action plan+ schedule for follow up meetings,1h)
  • 1-4 follow up meetings/ discussions based on need
  • measurements and 6 month follow up measurements (based on action plan)

Guidance for individual coaching is based on the results of a health survey/ measurements OR guided by occupational health care OR contact a wellness coach.

Mind support service – Auntie:

Auntie is an easy-access wellbeing service online that supports you in coping with everyday issues before they become overwhelming

Referral to the Auntie- mind support service is based on the results of the health survey OR guided by occupational health care OR by Health Desk. 

You can also contact wellbeing coach(check instructions from frontpage :”Wellbeing yearclock”