Strong license growth, Increased net sales, Improved results, Improved operative cash flow

January–March 2023

• Net sales were KSEK 6,180 (5,424)

• Profit/loss after financial items was KSEK -2,791 (-3,722)

• Earnings per share were SEK -0.1 (-0.1)

We are proud to present our continued success and the latest news from Q1 2023. Happily, we can announce that our focus on increased license growth has had results. Compared with the same period last year, we have experienced an increase

in licenses of around fifty percent. This is a large milestone for us, and proof that our SaaS solution is in demand and appreciated on the market. Not only licenses have increased – our profitability and operative results have also improved significantly.

During Q1 2023, yet another Finnish welfare area, encompassing around 7,400 employees, has chosen Aino’s SaaS solution. Implementation of the solution is expected to occur toward the end of the third quarter 2023. This agreement reinforces our growing footprint in the public sector and confirms our position as a leading player in Human Capital Management.

Another big step for Aino Health during the quarter is the close collaboration initiated with Visma Public Finland, one of the main suppliers of wage and HR systems in the Nordic region. Visma Public’s software includes functionality for wage slips, produced monthly for 250,000 public administration employees. This collaboration strengthens our position on the Nordic market and the offer to our client base in the public sector.

Aino Health has also had success on the Finnish market, with another Finish municipality, Lapinlahden kunta, choosing our SaaS solution. The agreement covers a total of around 320 employees and the implementation is expected to occur toward the end of the second quarter 2023. This shows our commitment to offering effective solutions for Employee Sustainability at a local level as well.

These events show that Aino Health is continuing to build on the successes of 2022, where we most recently, in the fourth quarter, signed several new agreements with organisations and companies vital to society. The license growth of around sixty percent last year indicates strong growth in important industries that are vital to society, such as healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation.

We are currently in a strong position to partake of and contribute to the global trends in our operative area. These trends include, among other things, a growing awareness of the importance of Human Capital Management and an increased demand for innovative digital solutions to promote a sustainable work environment for employees. We are convinced that these trends will continue to grow over the coming years and we look forward to continuously offering our clients marketleading solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

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