With our onboarding services we are there for you through the entire implementation and start-up of HealthManager. We help you with the technical implementation, setting up the processes built into HealthManager, as well as, with the change management and training needed to successfully get up and running.

Our goal is to make your start with HealthManager as smooth and resource efficient as possible.

We have divided our Onboarding services into three parts: Project management and planning, Implementation, and Training and communication.

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Project management and planning

In the project management of your implementation project we schedule needed workshops, set scope of the project, plan needed resources, help you to set up needed change management an internal communications  plans.

In the beginning of the project we establish a steering group, schedule for project team meetings, and project reporting processes at an early stage to secure the progress of the project.

All our project managers have long experience from working with well-being projects and corporate health processes.

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HealthManager is implemented as a joint project with the you, the customer, and us. Before starting the implementation, we look at your specific needs and use our best practices model to create the most efficient plan with a reliable time schedule so both parties know what to expect.

The implementation usually takes a couple of weeks.

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Training and communication

With continuous change management training during the onboarding project, we ensure that the transition from existing ways of working to the new ones are successful and become a natural part of how the organization needs to work.

The training and communication plan throughout the project is set up in the initial meetings. We usually use training webinars (live as well as recorded) for supervisors, HR and occupational health user groups.

We also have a powerful eLearning platform where the managers can be trained in the early support processes in a very accessible way.

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