Professional Services

Professional Services

Our professional services organization is with you from the start and will help you improve your results continuously throughout your project. Our specialists are some of the best in their fields and they know that organizational well-being has many sides that need to be considered: it’s a mix of the professional and personal environment and one will not be successful if the other one isn’t accounted for.

We have broken down our professional services into four areas: Analytics, Support to management, Support to employees, and Well-being Services.

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Leadership and employee well-being are two of the most important parts of a company’s success and therefore it is of utmost importance that you know what the status for these is in your organization.

With our analytics services we measure the current state of health, well-being, and leadership in your organization. Then we, together with you, set up prioritized action plans, road maps and leadership models, as well as, realistic goal estimations and the financial impact of the proposed actions.

We can also help you with testing the current state of your individuals’ health, well-being, and fitness. After testing and analysis, we give one-on-one feedback to the employee together with an individual plan to follow going forward.

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Support to Management

Strong leadership is the backbone of any successful organization and we know that it sometimes can be very hard to be a good leader. Therefore, we have created several services that will help your leaders to be their best selves.

Our services are available online as well as offline, through our trained consultants, as well as, built into HealthManager.

HealthManager offers guided conversation support in HealthManager, which guides the manager through conversations and helps them to get to the root cause of the employee’s problems. There is also support for setting a preventative plan for the employee going forward.

We also offer your managers support on how to deal with a specific situation or employee, and if support is needed before, or after, a tough conversation.

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Support to employees

Our HealthDesk service is a multi channel contact point for your employees when they get sick or have health related questions. The HealthDesk gives health advice, advise to seek medical care, and grant sick leave absence in accordance with what has been agreed on with the organization.

With our HealthDesk, absences are reported in HealthManager which then automatically sends a message to the manager to inform about the absence.

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Well-being Services

We, together with our Eco-system, offer a range of services for well-being projects that often accompany the use of HealthManager. These services include, among other, rehabilitation programs, training programs, personal coaching aiming to change life habits including physical fitness, mental training, eating habit, sleeping and recovery etc. All these services aim to improve the employees’ health and well-being.

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