Our Saas Platform

Our SaaS Platform

Our solutions are designed to understand the root cause of your employees’ absence so the underlying issues can be identified and addressed early so they can be solved in the best way.

Some of the results our customers see are, among others:

  • Reduced sick leave and related costs
  • Permanent improvement of the personnel’s working ability and health
  • Reduced premature retirement risks through proactive measures

The implementation of our solutions is fast, and you will most likely see some results already within the first months. Many of our customers reduce sick leave by up to 50% and save millions of Euros each year.

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HealthManager supports you to have valuable conversations with your employees, lets you detect unhealthy levels of absence, and gives you best practice processes to ensure a healthy life-work balance, good leaders and happy employees.

Your managers will be:

  • able to see, and analyze, absence data and act where and when it’s most needed
  • automatically notified when it’s time to have a preventative conversation with an employee
  • equipped with predefined conversation templates created to aid high-quality conversations
  • following the latest EU safety and GDPR regulations

In HealthManager, you are also able to define your own discussion templates for any type of  discussion you may need. For example return to work discussions, yearly or bi-annual development discussions etc.

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HealthManager can cater to your employee survey needs. The surveys range
from assessing an employee’s current well-being situation status to traditional
employee surveys and pulse measurements on specific topics.

We can also offer an analysis of the survey data to provide insight into the current situation and to develop improvement plans.

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Aino Analytics

With our interactive reporting engine, Aino Analytics, your managers, HR, and executive team can get a snapshot, or a report over time, of the organization’s sick leave status at any given time, and prepare actions accordingly. It saves time for HR in their regular reporting and the drill-down function is an excellent help for HR when supporting line management

The reports can be used to make decisions on needed actions, prioritize your work, or to find unhealthy patterns of sick leave on an individual, or group, level. The reports are created from data available in the system.

In short Aino Analytics helps you to stay on task and measure results over time.

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Exposure Checks

With the HealthManager add-on Exposure checks, organizations can easily stay compliant with occupational safety and health regulations. Exposure Checks keeps track of what checks that need to be completed and when for each employee.

When the deadline for an exposure check approaches, a reminder will pop up in the manager’s HealthManager task list so they can make sure that the check-up is done and the organization stays compliant.

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Security and GDPR

With Aino HealthManager you get a completely secure system:

  • HealthManager complies with all relevant requirements of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for handling personal data.
  • You, the customer are always the legal data controller for personal data of your employees.
  • A Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is always set up between the Customer and Aino Health to ensure detailed processes for data protection.
  • HealthManager is hosted on the Amazon Web Services on a secure, scalable and robust cloud infrastructure, where capacity and performance are monitored constantly.
  • HealthManager is built to support multi-layered and multi-national organizations.
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Aino e-Learning platform

With the Aino e-learning platform, we give line managers an easily accessible leadership training specifically tailored towards leadership in conjunction with working ability and health management.

The content of Aino e-learning has been developed by Aino Health using inputs from valued business and academic experts in the fields of health and working ability management.

The training focuses on three main areas:

  •  To understand working ability and its impacts on the organization
  •  The overall framework of early support and management of working ability
  • Concrete inputs on what a leader can do to manage working ability
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Return to work after a crisis or pandemic package

When a crisis hits, whether it is a pandemic forcing everyone to work from home, a terror attack, or a natural disaster, organizations need to be able to keep their business contingency and function as before. In order to do so, the employees need to be healthy, feel safe, and stay engaged during the crisis, as well as, when returning to work after the crisis.

To support organizations to handle the crisis and return to work in a guided structured way, we have developed a new solution; “Return to work after a crisis or pandemic” package. The package is an add-on module to HealthManager and includes:

  • HR checklist
  • Return to work discussion form
  • Employee pulse survey
  • Health Survey
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Through our ecosystem, we can offer telemedicine services together with, or connect your existing telemedicine services into, HealthManager. Using telemedicine is a very efficient way to ensure your employees’ and customers’ health as well as ensure a safe delivery of your services. All of this will help you to secure your business contingency.
The telemedicine integrations consist of two parts:

  • A touch-free smartphone telemetry solution to provide the required parameters for diagnosis and monitoring. All you need is a smartphone and the telemetry app installed.
  • Remote video consultation and clinical monitoring.
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