Aino Health has signed an agreement, regarding the SaaS solution HealthManager, with Centric – an IT company offering consultants as well as IT outsourcing. The initial agreement is a two-year contract.

In the first phase, HealthManager will be implemented for around 350 persons in Sweden out of the in total about 800 Centric employees in the Nordics. In Europe, Centric has more than 4500 employees in 7 countries.

Centric has been looking for a solution that can help them to work in a more structural and efficient way regarding employee wellbeing and health, and at the same time support the managers’ way of working with this. The goals are to increase presence at work and the wellbeing of the personnel.

The first phase of the project is projected to be live in December this year.

HealthManager is a SaaS solution that supports managers with internal health-related processes and absence management. It also offers reporting and analytic tools to follow key metrics related to corporate health management. The goal of the solution is to decrease sick leave and to increase employee engagement.

“We have been looking at how we can automate and structure the processes around employee wellbeing and realized that we needed some system support for it. And when we found Aino and HealthManager, we felt that this will be a very good fit for us and we look forward to start using it”, says Patrick Kinni, Head of Consultant Management, Centric.

“We are very happy to have Centric onboard as a new customer. I look forward to starting up this project and support them to more structure and healthier employees”, says Johan Strömberg, Country Manager Sweden, Aino Health.


For more information:

Johan Strömberg, Country Manager Sweden, Aino Health
Phone: +46 70 640 70 71

Jyrki Eklund, VD Aino Health
Phone: +358 40 042 4221

Certified adviser
Erik Penser Bank
+46 8 463 83 00


About Centric
In Sweden Centric specializes in staffing in terms of offering IT consultants, provision of specialists, recruitment and outsourcing. The majority of the 350 consultants work with operations and support. Since its founding, Centric IT has had a stable growth and now has offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Linköping.

About Aino Health (publ)
Aino Health is the leading supplier of Software as a Service solutions in Corporate Health Management. The company’s complete system of SaaS platforms and services reduces sick leave, lowers related costs, and improves business results through increased productivity and employee engagement by making health, wellbeing, and safety an integrated part of everyday work. For more information visit

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