Going to work, age is actually so much more than just a number.  Aging employees is one of the main challenges to almost all employers and as life expectancy and the age of retirement is being pushed forward, we clearly have only seen the beginning.

Before moving on, let’s also take a minute to remind ourselves of the many benefits of senior, stable, loyal and experienced staff.

Top gains from age inclusive management according to Aino:

  • Enabling a long healthy (and productive) career
  • Benefits from experience and unique aggregated competence
  • Employer branding 
  • Compliant with new regulation
  • More diverse, stable and loyal culture
  • A more healthy, socially- and financially sustainable society 

New laws and increased employer responsibilities in 2023

In 2023, several new laws took effect. Amplifying the employer liability to promote proactive measures to strengthen the overall work ability, with new skills and competence of aging employees. Most organizations already aim to extend careers but the urgent labor shortages in several major sectors makes the matter even more critical. Altogether this tells us that a proactive and systematic age inclusive management is the only compliant and responsible way forward. According to the new laws, employers are obliged to offer part-time work, extended change security and individual occupational health and safety measures to all employees 55 or older.

To maintain a high level of health and wellbeing, and to stay productive with an aging workforce, you as an employer need to be both more attentive, proactive and systematic. This can only be achieved with a digital tool built over years based on real-life situations, like Aino.      

The new module for age inclusive management!          

Today we are launching our new additional feature; “Age inclusive management”. This fully integrated add-on to Aino’s current system provides organizations with a systematic digitalized solution for age inclusive management. The goal for the new module is to identify the employees strengths, challenges, goals and to agree on joint measures to achieve good work life quality all the way to retirement.

If you are interested in age inclusive management and want to know more about Ainos ready-made solutions, please contact us.

  • Jaana Pylvänen, Commercial Director

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