“Employee wellbeing and sustainability in the steel industry, a profitable business”

ArcelorMittal, world leading giant in steel manufacturing, employing almost 160 000 people worldwide. An operation with a decisive impact on both people, sustainability and the social economy.

In Germany and all over Europe the manufacturing industry is struggling to stay ahead in an ever increasing global competition. That said, the northern european industry brand, now more than ever has a unique position and opportunity to impact the global narrative forward. Achieving the global sustainability goals will depend heavily on the path manufacturing chooses from here on, for the planet, the people and for the economy.

Since 2018 ArcelorMittal is using Aino in selected units, to boost wellbeing and employee engagement. A fruitful collaboration that has shown once again that systematic care for the employees is also a matter of profitability. The goal has been to boost proactive measures to reduce sickness absences below 5% and to create a more “healthy mindset” in the corporate culture. As part of their implementation of the HealtManager platform they also use the add-on module for exposure checks. 

The daily use of HealthManager has increased managers’ awareness of the connection between the work related factors, employee wellbeing and performance. It offers a communication platform and generates discussions between the manager and the employee with a possibility to identify early signals and take the right actions in a systematic way.
– Rainer Billmaier, ArcelorMittal

Using the Aino platform in a manufacturing organization helps build a modern, more attentive and equal leadership throughout the operation. A more affirming management makes the employees feel included and appreciated, wanting to contribute more to the (shared) operational goals. When more employees enjoy going to work every day, the operation will be more productive. A win-win-win, for the employees, the managers and for the c-level executives. As social sustainability and productivity play together to build a more stable, predictable and future proof operation.

We met with Rainer Billmaier, Head of HR at the ArcelorMittal Steel Service Center in Germany, located in Neuwied, Koblenz area. Learn more about his insights on manufacturing in Europe and why he recommends Aino to other manufacturing companies.  

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