An individual’s work ability is described in the work ability house and its surroundings.  


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Work ability is characterized by the fact that it changes throughout the working life and is influenced by different factors in different eras. Work ability also includes resources, i.e. capital. From the individual’s point of view, this means, for example, that if the work ability is impaired in one area, another stronger area can keep the house afloat.  

If there are challenges in work ability, it can be supported in many ways. Supporting work ability is effective when support is targeted precisely at those areas of working ability where challenges arise. All employees get sick from time to time and are absent from work as needed. However, studies show that excessive and increasing absenteeism can often be explained with other factors than those affecting health and functional capacity.  

The manager has a decisive impact on the employee’s everyday life. With the early support measures, they can support their team’s performance, engagement, and productivity. The manager may also reduce the absence from work. The measures are effective when used systematically.  

The support of employee’s working ability is effective when the manager detects the silent signals at an early stage and discusses about them with the employee. Silent signals are small signs of working ability that, if they continue for a long time, become actual problems or symptoms. These include, for example, problems or changes in the employee’s performance or work behaviour, as well as challenges related to competence or motivation to work. When the root causes of work ability challenges are tackled and the ability to work is strictly supported, the absences or decline in productivity can be prevented before they have even begun to form.  

Aino’s renewed digital and automated early support process provides the manager with a systematic solution to support the employee’s overall work ability. Early support discussion forms that guide the manager can be used to support conversation between the manager and the employee.
The forms are in a structural form, which supports the precise identification of the root causes of work ability challenges and the search for solutions that support working ability. They also help the manager with documenting the content of the discussion.

The process is effective when an employee participates by filling in a preliminary survey form in which they reflect on their own situation and solution possibilities before the discussion. Management receives valuable information at unit and organizational level on the root causes of work ability challenges raised in the discussions, the means of supporting work ability and their impact on sick leaves. This information can be used to improve the targeting of HR support measures in supporting the work community’s ability to work, monitoring effectiveness, and supporting the managers work. 



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