It is no secret that the logistics industry is one of the most competitive industries there are. It’s hard to find a company that can’t say they’re struggling to keep up with their competitors. The margins are low, and yet labor is still the biggest expense for most companies in this sector. 

It’s also not news that well-being and productivity directly correlate with each other, but what happens when you have an industry where both factors are under high pressure? How can you increase your performance in logistics? 

  • When it comes to profit margins of course it´s important to differentiate oneself from competitors with increased value in the packaging of services.  

But the most critical point is also the most obvious. 

  • The key to increased production in any organization or company is to improve well-being and motivation among its staff. This should go without saying, yet it’s also easy to overlook that this requires constant attention. 

On the same page, it’s difficult to comprehend how a company, both personnel and leadership, is functioning from a management standpoint when most companies in the fast-paced logistics sector have numerous employees.  

Managers are having trouble keeping up with the workload as a result of narrower margins and increased internet purchasing, which might have a negative influence on both staff and efficiency. At the same time, floor employees may be unmotivated and uninterested in their work, which has a significant influence on company performance. 

This can, in the worst case, result in higher absence cost , loss of revenue, and lower production. 

When managers are trying to concentrate on the work at hand, they overlook an important fact: their employees’ well-being is just as vital as business progress. Productivity depends on it! 

We at Aino can assist you. Productivity and well-being are important aspects of our business since we want everyone to be happy in their job. We’ve developed Healthmanager, a SaaS solution, as a tool for managers to thrive as leaders and get more sustainable productivity and well-being. This will have an impact on the profit margin as well. 


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