If you want to know the truth, it’s this: Wellbeing and productivity are inextricably linked. And when we speak about wellbeing, we don’t only refer to the physical well-being of employees – but also their mental health. At least that is what a new study by Harvard Business School proves.

The researchers studied more than 7,000 workers from 11 different companies and found out that high levels of stress might not just be bad for your mind, they can also harm your company’s performance.  

To improve well-being, companies should take a systematic approach.
Wellness programs combined with company health management are the perfect starting points.
By constantly AI-monitoring processes like absence management and productivity, it can be ensured that employees feel their needs are met on an individual level while at the same time increasing the profitability of the company as a whole.

This is the only way to keep employees healthy and happy. Company health management has a positive effect on both individual well-being as well as company health management which in turn affects profitability. 

Today, tools like Aino’s HealthManager may extract fully-formed conclusions from your payroll data and deliver them right away. That way you know immediately what needs to be done to avoid long-term sick leave and reduce sick leave. In this manner, you and the organization’s managers may work proactively with health and wellness to avoid costly sick leave absences and lost productivity.  

These resources also aid in the area of how managers should manage contact and support with their staff to achieve higher well-being and long-term productivity. As a result, you ensure that all management functions according to industry best practices.  


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