Product News from Aino Health

We care about security

At Aino Health we know that the security of our solution is paramount to our customers and our customers employees. Therefore we have taken extra measures to make sure the data is secured to a high level. We continuously work on updating security and we continuously have external security experts to review our security solution. Our data is stored on an encrypted database and stored with top quality back up solutions at Amazon Web Services.

Security always has a trade off between cost, availability and flexibility and we feel that the level we have chosen is right for now and we use third party security experts to assess and advise us on the right security levels to use for our solutions.

Return to work after a crisis or pandemic package

We created the Return to work after a crisis or pandemic package to support organizations after a crisis or pandemic and secure a safe and structured return to work after being sick, working from home, or being furloughed for an extended period of time .

The package is an add-on module to HealthManager and includes:

  • HR checklist
  • Return to work discussion form
  • Employee pulse survey
  • Health Survey
Download the product sheet

The reporting engine Aino Analytics

Our interactive reporting engine, Aino Analytics, gives your managers, HR, and executive team the possibility to create a report to see sick leave trends over time, or they can just create a snapshot of the organization’s sick leave status at any given time. For both scenarios, the reports are created from data available in HealthManager and can be used to make decisions on needed actions, prioritize work, or to find unhealthy patterns of sick leave on individual and group level.

Watch this short demo to see how it works

Aino e-Learning platform

With the Aino e-learning platform, your line managers get easily accessible leadership training specifically tailored towards leadership in conjunction with working ability and health management. The content has been developed by Aino Health using inputs from valued business and academic experts in the fields of health and working ability management.

The e-Learning focuses on three main areas:

  •  To understand working ability and its impacts on the organization
  •  The overall framework of early support and management of working ability
  • Concrete inputs on what a leader can do to manage working ability
Download the product sheet

Exposure Checks

We have an add-on to HealthManager called Exposure checks, which helps your organization to easily stay compliant with occupational safety and health regulations. Exposure Checks keeps track of what checks that need to be completed and when for each of your employees.

The manager gets a reminder in the HealthManager task list when the deadline for an exposure check approaches. This way it’s easy to remember to make sure that the check-up is done and the organization stays compliant.

Watch this short demo to see how it works