By using existing data in the right way and encouraging attentive leadership, international companies can save hundreds of thousands of jobs and at the same time contribute to stability and increased profitability in their own operations.

Meet Aino with insights and a methodology based on 25 years of research and sharp development in a business environment.

In this webinar we talked about:

  • The broken process. Aggregated data and the importance of linking all investments in human capital to a unified and synchronized force for change.
  • Which are the super KPIs that help you reduce sick leave and maximize commitment, while strengthening employer branding.
  • The long-awaited shift from reactive (passive), to truly proactive efforts to sharply reduce the direct and indirect costs of abnormal sick leave.

From Aino participates
Jyrki Eklund, CEO
Sven Hultin, Senior Human Capital and Sustainability consultant
Andreas Blüme, Advisor in Human Capital Productivity

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