At Aino, we believe in the power of human capital and the importance of employee sustainability. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Klas Bonde, the former managing director of IT at Centric Nordic, who shared his experiences and the results achieved through using Aino’s platform.

Klas Bonde, who has successfully grown a knowledge company from 0 to 500 employees, emphasized the importance of employee well-being and motivation. He stated, “Happy and engaged employees are the key to happy customers.” In a consultancy, the people in the organization are the absolute key. Your most valuable assets leave at 5 PM every day and hopefully return to work the following day.

The results speak for themselves. Within the first six months after implementing Aino, Centric was able to lower the sick leave from 5.3 percent down to an all-time low of 3.2 percent. This was achieved during the period where COVID-19 had its peak.

Key Takeaways from the Interview

  • The two main obstacles to growing a consultancy company today are attracting enough skilled people and unbeatable hours.
  • Investing in staff to increase motivation and productivity is crucial for a company’s success.
  • Traditional HR systems and task management systems often fail to fully address the issue of absenteeism.
  • Managers often struggle with how to conduct discussions regarding employee sick leave and how to resolve the situation.
  • A human productivity enabler platform is needed to systemize and support managers in the management and process of sick leave.

Centric found the solution to these challenges in Aino’s platform. Aino provides systematic management and follow-up processes that guide managers in their daily work. It provides them with information and reminds them when it’s time for a conversation. Aino also helps managers identify if the problem causing sick leave is work-related or due to other factors.

The Benefits of Aino

  • Aino ensures that certain processes take place within a specific time frame, helping to follow up, deliver an action plan, and approve the status of those who have been on sick leave.
  • Aino helps free up capacity by removing repetitive tasks and admin jobs, allowing the team leader to fully focus on coaching and motivating their employees.
  • Aino’s systematic follow-up and process have been able to increase productivity at all levels and reduce sick leaves.

In conclusion, Aino’s platform has proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing employee sustainability and human capital productivity. It has helped Centric to make significant savings in direct costs per year and has allowed more professionals to be at their customers, making them happy.

What could this mean for your company?

Watch the full interview with Klas Bonde here.

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